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I'm the owner of 'The Slaughtered Kelpie' restaurant. Ask me stuff as you please! We're always happy to talk with our customers.
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# The RatsThe Chef and his Rats


German design studio Korefe created the world’s first completely edible cookbook. Designed as a limited edition series for the art and culinary publishing company Gerstenberg Publishing House, The Real Cookbook is an edible instruction manual made of 100% fresh pasta with a classic lasagna recipe embossed on its pages. The Real Cookbook can be opened, read, and then each page used as a layer for making the very same lasagna described on those pasta pages.

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# my motherlandThe Chef's Things


Colin and Kristine Poole — Hot Diggety Dog

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# The Sous' Stuff
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# The Sous' StuffSpirit Animal
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without it, you’re doing it wrong.

If shes making eye contact during doggy style Im calling for an exorcist. 

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If your butthole likes having things in it, go forth and enjoy. If it doesn’t, then you should probably listen to your body and leave your anus to its main purpose of excreting waste. If you’re trying to placate a boyfriend who won’t stop nagging you about fucking you in the ass, then he himself is an asshole, and I’d suggest he go fuck himself.
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spectre; spook; spirit; wraith.

Etymology: German.


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# The Beasts



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# The Beastswhats a motto with you?